With increasing end-market volatility and financial pressure on companies to do more with less, the need for World-Class Procurement is more pressing than ever. But building World-Class Procurement is a challenge even for the most resourceful organizations. Our clients turn to our World-Class Procurement consulting services because we excel at helping them accomplish a World-Class performance through developing long-term category strategies, extensive supplier partnerships and continuous development of their team and capabilities.
World Class Procurement
Supplier Relationship Management   World-class Procurement organizations proactively engage with their most important suppliers to tap into their best ideas, identify growth opportunities, address environment, supply and brand reputation risks and strip out unnecessary value chain costs.   Effective supplier relationship management has been proven to help organizations increase speed to market, reduce risk, improve delivery and influence the bottom line.  “On average, Fortune 500 companies report more than $100 million in incremental value from effective supplier relationship management." is reported in “Supply Chain Management Review” magazine.   AscentNetSRM method is a systematic approach that segments, analyzes, and aligns customer- supplier relationships to develop ongoing value:   Segment Suppliers,  Measure Supplier Performance, Establish a Value and Innovation agenda Foster collaboration culture, Govern Supplier relationship   Finally, our experts will work with your procurement team to pass on the knowledge and skills necessary to better your organization’s Supplier Relationship Management program.   AscentNet creates winning SRM strategies.
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