With increasing end-market volatility and financial pressure on companies to do more with less, the need for World-Class Procurement is more pressing than ever. But building World-Class Procurement is a challenge even for the most resourceful organizations. Our clients turn to our World-Class Procurement consulting services because we excel at helping them accomplish a World-Class performance through developing long-term category strategies, extensive supplier partnerships and continuous development of their team and capabilities.
World Class Procurement
Strategic Sourcing Leading organizations boldly position procurement as an ongoing critical driver of enterprise value as it is often the biggest cost item, in some industries accounting for as much as 80% of total costs. And it is often one of the first areas companies target when they want to generate cost savings—with good reason.   By taking a Strategic Sourcing approach to what they buy and how they buy it, leading companies have achieved substantial cost savings. Depending on the industry we have seen initial savings of 8% to 12% in the first 18 months of a serious effort, followed by a trained organization reaping 3% to 4% savings each year.   AscentNet avoid standardized solutions. Our six-steps Strategic Sourcing Implementation proposal is flexible at its core. It is an Integrated Framework and a Structured Approach rather a “One-Size-Fits-to- All” solution. We configure solutions to suit your specific goals, ranging from multi-year programs to achieve specific savings targets, to short-term, category-specific engagements where you want to shore up in-house expertise.   We know how to transform Procurement strategies and capabilities while minimizing transition risks and driving sustained adoption of new approaches. And, we know it’s about results, not just ideas, so we don’t stop until we know the solution is implemented and working.
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