With increasing end-market volatility and financial pressure on companies to do more with less, the need for World-Class Procurement is more pressing than ever. But building World-Class Procurement is a challenge even for the most resourceful organizations. Our clients turn to our World-Class Procurement consulting services because we excel at helping them accomplish a World-Class performance through developing long-term category strategies, extensive supplier partnerships and continuous development of their team and capabilities.
World Class Procurement
Procurement Transformation   Procurement’s role is evolving rapidly from a tactical team focused on cost reduction to a strategic entity driving enterprise-wide value. Leading organizations are asking their procurement teams to play a larger and more strategic role in the overall corporate growth and deliver sustainable business results.   AscentNet experienced senior transformation consultants quickly diagnose current performance and quantify the cost opportunity of driving the organization to perform at world-class levels, working collaboratively with key stakeholders to develop and drive the process transformation roadmap.The comprehensive procurement transformation services focus on:   Vision, role and mandate of the procurement department, Source-to-pay process design and  improvement, Organizational design and stakeholder alignment,Technology selection and  implementation, Procurement Performance Measurement, Training and Skills Development   Like any transformation program, the real challenge is in the implementation. We differentiate ourselves by supporting our clients throughout the transformation journey. With experience that spans every facet of sourcing and procurement, AscentNetcan help you bring your vision to reality – redesigning your procurement processes, organization and supporting technology in ways that deliver immediate and lasting value.
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