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AscentNet    is   committed   to   protecting   the   privacy   of   our   clients   and   anyone   we   engage   with   on   their   behalf,   as   well   as   any   visitors   to   our Web   site.   This   Privacy   Policy   describes   our   current   practices   regarding   the   personal   data   that   we   collect   from   you   when   you   visit   and   use   our Web   site   or   that   we   otherwise   collect   in   the   course   of   providing   services   to   our   clients.   Personal   data   is   information   that   identifies   you,   such as your name, e-mail address, or mailing address.   This   Privacy   Policy   applies   to   this   Web   site   or   any   online   service   we   offer   that   links   to   this   Privacy   Policy.   Other   sites   and   services   we   offer   may have different privacy policies that apply to them.   By   using   this   Web   site   and   providing   us   with   any   of   your   personal   data,   you   consent   to   us   collecting   and   processing   your   data   as   described below.   Data We Collect   We    collect    both    anonymous    and    identifiable    information    about    our    Web    site    users.    We    only    collect    identifiable    information    that    you voluntarily   provide   to   us.   You   are   not   required   to   provide   us   with   identifiable   information   to   use   this   Web   site.   We   retain   the   data   we   collect about you only so long as is necessary and as required by applicable law.   Sensitive Personal Data   We   do   not   intentionally   collect   any   sensitive   personal   data   through   our   Web   site.   Sensitive   personal   data   means   the   various   categories   of personal   data   identified   by   applicable   data   privacy   laws   as   requiring   special   treatment.   These   categories   can   include   data   relating   to   ethnic origin   or   race,   marital   status,   political   opinions   or   affiliations,   trade   union   membership,   religious   beliefs,   physical   or   mental   health,   sexual orientation,   or   criminal   record.   We   therefore   suggest   that   you   do   not   provide   sensitive   personal   data   of   this   type   to   us.   If   you   do   provide   us with any sensitive personal data, you are consenting to us using this data in the ways described in this Privacy Policy.   Anonymous Data We Collect   We   use   technologies   that   collect   anonymous   information   about   the   use   of   our   Web   site.   This   technology   does   not   identify   you   personally.   We use   this   information   to   compile   statistics   about   our   visitors   and   the   ways   they   use   our   Web   site.   For   example,   we   log   which   pages   users access   and   which   Web   browsers   and   operating   systems   they   use.   We   may   also   determine   which   domain   you   are   coming   from   before   visiting our Web site to more accurately gauge our users' demographics.   Identifying Data We Collect   If   you   choose   to   subscribe   to   one   of   our   blogs   or   to   receive   access   to   some   of   our   thought-leadership   materials,   you   will   be   asked   to   provide us   with   some   personal   data,   including   your   name   and   e-mail   address.   We   will   use   this   information   to   provide   you   with   the   subscriptions   and materials you request.   Where   permissible   and/or   with   your   permission,   we   may   also   use   this   information   to   provide   you   with   details   about   our   products   and services that may be of interest to you.   Portions   of   our   Web   site,   such   as   our   blogs,   allow   users   to   post   comments.   These   comments   are   reviewed   before   appearing   online,   and,   once posted,   are   publicly   available.   In   order   to   leave   a   comment,   you   may   be   required   to   enter   your   name   and   e-mail   address.   Your   e-mail   address will   not   appear   online   unless   you   include   it   within   the   text   of   your   comment.   Please   be   careful   about   including   any   personal   data   in   any comments you make.   On   occasion,   we   may   have   surveys   available   through   our   Web   site   that   you   can   voluntarily   participate   in.   We   will   compile   the   results   of   these surveys   to   create   reports   available   through   our   Web   site   or   to   provide   to   our   clients   or   third   parties.   Information   we   collect   from   you   through these   surveys   will   be   anonymized   and   aggregated   so   that   the   final   reports   will   not   include   any   information   that   can   identify   you.   Please   be aware that any information that you provide to us in survey responses will belong to us.   We   will   also   collect   your   device’s   IP   address.   This   data   is   collected   automatically   when   you   access   our   Web   site   in   order   to   provide   the   services to you. This information also helps us to diagnose problems with our server and to improve the services we offer to you.   Tracking Technologies We Use   In   order   to   collect   the   anonymous   data   described   above,   we   may   use   cookies.   A   cookie   is   a   small   piece   of   information   that   is   sent   to   your browser   and   stored   in   your   device’s   memory.   You   may   be   able   to   set   your   browser   or   device   to   notify   you   when   you   receive   a   cookie.   This would   enable   you   to   decide   if   you   want   to   accept   it   or   not.   However,   some   of   the   services   and   features   offered   through   our   online   services may not function properly if your cookies are disabled.   We   use   cookies   to   deliver   services   requested   by   you,   as   well   as   to   improve   the   quality   of   our   online   services   by   storing   user   preferences   and monitoring user trends. We use several types of cookies:   -Authentication   and   authorization   cookies   allow   access   to   secure   areas   and   specific   functionality   of   the   online   services.   These   are   strictly necessary for the proper operation of our Web site and the services that we provide to you.   -Personalization   cookies   allow   our   Web   site   to   remember   choices   you   make   and   provide   personalized   features.   They   may   also   be   used   to provide services in the way you have specified.   -Tracking   cookies   collect   information   about   how   you   use   our   Web   site,   what   pages   you   visit   on   our   Web   site,   and   how   often.   We   use   this information to improve our Web site.   At this time due to a lack of industry standards, our Web site does not respond to browser “Do Not Track” signals.   We   may   also   use   Web   beacons   in   the   marketing   e-mails   we   send.   We   use   this   information   to   understand   what   kinds   of   content   are   of   interest to you. You may be able to disable such tracking by setting your e-mail client to display messages as text only or by turning off image display.   Confidentiality of Client Information   Consistent   with   our   client   obligations,   it   has   always   been   our   policy   to   exercise   the   utmost   discretion   regarding   the   information   our   clients entrust   to   us.   We   accept   and   process   confidential   client   information,   including   data   we   collect   in   the   course   of   providing   services   to   our clients,   such   as   for   market   research   purposes,   subject   to   our   client’s   direction   and   control,   and   we   maintain   reasonable   and   appropriate security   precautions   Because   we   operate   globally,   our   systems   may   make   data   related   to   your   matters   accessible   from   our   various   offices around   the   world,   and   we   often   transfer   client   data   between   our   offices.   This   data   is   transferred   in   accordance   with   the   requirements   of   our intra-group data transfer agreement based on the Standard Contractual Clauses defined in Directive 95/46/EC.   We   never   rent,   trade,   sell,   or   share   your   information   with   any   unrelated   parties   except   as   necessary   or   appropriate   to   conduct   our   business activities,   subject   to   appropriate   confidentiality,   privacy,   and   information   security   commitments   provided   by   the   receiving   party;   or   to   further your interests; or as permitted or required by law; or as authorized or directed by you   How We Use Your Data   We   may   use   the   data   you   have   voluntarily   provided   us   to   notify   you   about   our   products   or   services   or   keep   you   updated   on   issues   that   we think are of interest to you, where permissible or if you have opted in to receiving such notifications.   We will send you information and materials you request.   We may use the information you have voluntarily provided us for market research purposes.   If   we   are   processing   your   information   on   behalf   of   a   third   party   (such   as   our   client),   we   will   follow   the   processing   instructions   that   the   third party provided us.   We will use your information to administer and improve our Web site.   We may use your information to carry out contracts or comply with applicable laws or regulations.   Disclosures and Transfers of Your Data to Third Parties   We   do   not   rent,   sell,   share,   or   otherwise   distribute   your   personal   data   to   unrelated   third   parties   except   as   required   by   law   and   in   these circumstances:   Your   personal   data   may   be   shared   with   other   companies   within   our   group   of   companies   or   with   contractors,   service   providers,   and   other third   parties   we   use   to   support   our   business   and   who   are   bound   by   contractual   obligations   to   keep   personal   data   confidential   and   use   it   only for the purposes for which we disclose it to them, per the purpose and/or with your consent as set out in this Privacy Policy.   We   may   share,   transfer,   or   disclose   the   information   in   our   databases   and   server   logs   in   the   event   of   our   sale,   merger,   reorganization, dissolution,   or   similar   event,   as   well   as   to   comply   with   a   contractual   obligation   with   our   clients,   protect   your   vital   interests,   and/or   protect   the security or integrity of our databases or services. We will inform you of any such transfer or disclosure as required by law.   We   may   be   required   to   disclose   your   personal   information   in   response   to   lawful   requests   by   public   authorities,   including   to   meet   national security or law enforcement requirements.   Location of Your Data and Transfers of Your Data Abroad   We   are   a   global   company,   and   your   data   may   be   transferred   throughout   our   offices   worldwide.   We   are   headquartered   in   the   United   States and   subject   to   the   jurisdiction   of   the   Federal   Trade   Commission;   your   data   will   be   stored   and   processed   according   to   U.S.   privacy   standards. Data   is   transferred   in   accordance   with   the   requirements   of   our   intragroup   data   transfer   agreement   based   on   the   Standard   Contractual Clauses   defined   in   Directive   95/46/EC.   AscentNet™   Inc.   and   AscentNet™   International,   Inc.   additionally   commit   to   adhere   to   the   EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Principles with respect to personal data received from the EU. These Principles are:   -Notice   -Choice   -Accountability for onward transfer.   -Security   -Data integrity and purpose limitation   -Access   -Recourse, enforcement, and liability   Further information about Privacy Shield as well as our certification can be found at .   If you have any inquiries or complaints about how we handle your personal data please contact us at   In   the   event   of   any   unresolved   issues   regarding   human   resources   data,   individuals   in   the   European   Union   (EU)   may   work   with   their   local   Data Protection   Authority   (DPA).   AscentNet    commits   to   cooperating   with   the   competent   EU   authorities   to   resolve   individual   complaints.   The services of EU DPAs are provided at no cost to you. Please visit  for more information.   Individuals   in   the   EU   have   the   right   to   invoke   binding   arbitration   if   certain   conditions   are   met.   More   information   about   when   this   is   applicable is available at and from your local DPA.   As   mentioned   above,   we   may   disclose   personal   information   to   third-party   service   providers   that   we   use   to   support   our   business.   We   remain responsible   under   the   Privacy   Shield   Principles   if   these   third   parties   process   your   personal   information   in   a   manner   inconsistent   with   the Privacy Shield Principles (unless we are not responsible for the event giving rise to the damage).   How to Access, Correct, or Limit the Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Data   If   you   send   us   a   request   to   access,   correct,   delete,   or   limit   the   use   and   disclosure   of   the   personal   data   we   hold   about   you,   we   will   respond   to your   request   in   accordance   with   applicable   law   and   our   commitments   under   the   EU-U.S.   Privacy   Shield.   If   we   are   unable   to   complete   your request   because   we   are   unable   to   locate   your   data   or   due   to   legal   restrictions,   we   will   let   you   know.   These   requests   should   be   sent   to   us   at   Opting Out   If   you   no   longer   wish   to   receive   information   you   subscribed   to   or   other   information   that   you   have   previously   opted   in   to   receive,   you   may   opt out by clicking the unsubscribe link in any automated e-mail you receive from us or by e-mailing us at .   Security   We   provide   reasonable   and   appropriate   physical,   electronic,   and   procedural   safeguards   intended   to   maintain   the   confidentiality   of   the personal   data   we   collect.   Please   be   aware   that,   although   we   endeavor   to   provide   reasonable   security   for   information   we   process   and maintain, no security system can prevent all potential security breaches.   Governing Law   This Privacy Policy forms part of our Terms of Use and is governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.   Changes   Any updates to this Privacy Policy will be posted here. The date at the top indicates the date of the last update.   Links   When   you   leave   our   Web   site   via   links   to   other   sites   or   services   that   we   do   not   provide,   this   Privacy   Policy   no   longer   applies   to   those   sites   or services.   Children   We   do   not   knowingly   solicit   data   from   or   market   to   children   under   the   age   of   13.   If   a   parent   or   guardian   becomes   aware   that   his   or   her   child has   provided   us   with   information   without   his   or   her   consent,   he   or   she   should   contact   us   at   We   will   delete   such information from our files within a reasonable time.   Contact Us   If     you     have     any     questions     regarding     this     Privacy     Policy     or     our     privacy     practices     generally,     please     contact     us     via     e-mail     at . You may also mail us at: AscentNet Limited Suite 1, 3rd Floor 11 - 12 St. James's Square, London, SW1Y 4LB, United Kingdom,
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